Bespoke Dog Coats, Dog Bandanas and Dog Beds

As well as our standard range Milgi Coats is also able to provide a bespoke dog coat, dog bandana and dog bed service. We can make a coat for any dog in any size. Because we are a small business with highly skilled machinists we can offer a range of additional services:

  • Unique dog fleece coats with your own choice of fabric
  • Dog raincoats with harness holes
  • Custom fleece coats with different combinations of fleece fabrics from our range
  • Custom dog coat in sizes outside our normal range
  • Dog coats and bandanas with alterations to fit a particular dog e.g. longer girth, broader neck, three-legs
  • Dog coats made from donated fabric for a greyhound rescue
  • Larger sized dog beds for larger sized dogs
  • Lettering on dog coats and dog bandanas

CJ the Staffie in her bespoke Orange Floral Milgi Fleece Coat"I am blind" embroidered bandana for dogs Sprocket in his bespoke fleece coat for greyhounds"Yeti" the wolfhound wearing his custom Peacock Walking Out CoatDeric the Staffie in his Dreamcoat






bespoke greyhound walking out coat in union jack designhi viz dog coat with letteringstaffy fleece coatbespoke greyhound walking out coat in jade floralbespoke greyhound coat in pink heartslurcher fleece coat

You might want something special for a particular occasion or to match an outfit. Your dog might have special needs or health issues that mean ordinary clothing isn't suitable. We are always happy to help and can offer a free, no-obligation quote at any time. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.