We specialise in making beautiful Fleece Coats, Raincoats, Walking Out Coats, Hi Viz Coats and Bandanas for Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets

Our coats are beautifully made and specially created for greyhounds, lurchers and whippets – every size coat we make has been tested by real hounds so you know they will fit. All coats are carefully constructed, lined with cosy cotton flannel and bound to ensure a smart finish that will keep their shape. You won’t find our fabrics being used by other companies, they are carefully selected for quality and to ensure your hound looks stunning. 

Because we ourselves own rescue greyhounds, all the coats we make have been designed to be practical and fit the needs of sighthound owners. We also know that sighthounds deserve a touch of luxury, your hound will look and feel special in our garments.    

Choose a warm, comfortable fleece coat which is ideal for cold winter nights, especially for older greyhounds, lurchers or whippets. Our stunning raincoats will keep your hounds warm and dry - they are made from tough ripstop fabric and lined with flannel for warmth and comfort. Our gorgeous and eye-catching walking out coats are a smart, lightweight coat, in a range of stunning fabrics. Our hi viz coats are designed for cold, dark, autumn and winter days and nights and are are made from high visibility fabric and are covered in highly reflective strips  To complete our range, we also sell bandanas, with our unique Velcro fastening.    

Every greyhound coat, whippet coat and lurcher coat we sell is made here in Wales and the Westcountry. We use experienced sewing machinists and are proud to be supporting manufacture in the UK, we are now pleased to be supporting an Apprentice. Even our labels are manufactured here in Wales!  

You can shop via our secure, easy to use website, by post or visit us at one of our regular appearances at shows and events. We love to meet our customers, both human and hounds! If you can’t get to a show, send us a pic of your hound wearing one of our coats – we love to see them. Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome too.   

Milgi Coats is also proud to support the essential work of greyhound and other sighthound rescues around the UK. Visit our Rescue Page for more information on adoption, campaigns and how we can help your local rescue.

We hope you like our beautiful products. We offer a number of ways to buy:

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In person

You can meet us at our regular appearances at shows and events where our stall will be in attendance. At these events, we carry lots of stock and take payments by card or cash. Shows are great – your dog can try on a coat, we love meeting our customers and we often do special show offers and discounts. It's often where we preview new fabrics too, before we add them to the website. We'll be at:

Customers' Photo Gallery

We love seeing photos of customers in their milgi coats and bandanas and have created a gallery of them - there's a few photos below and many more in Our Gallery

Jed and CJ in Christmas Coat Whippet Coat modelled by Silver Walking Out Coat in Peacock Fabric Greyhound Raincoat from Milgi Coats Greyhound Coat in Pink Spot Fleece